Here's a quick video guide to integrating Google Ads with Shoppr

If you would like to follow along step by step, read the instructions below.

You can initiate the integration from several places – in case you just connected your shop, you’ll be prompted to integrate your marketing channels

Or else, in the home dashboard, you’ll find a similar-looking panel prompting you to integrate a Marketing Channel

You can also navigate to the profile section on Shoppr after logging in and under your store, click on ‘Integrate channel’ to initiate integrating Google Ads(or any other Marketing integration)

On Clicking ‘Next’, you’ll see an option to log into your Google Account

After logging in and granting permissions, you’ll be redirected back to Shoppr. You'll be asked to choose a Manager Ad account

In the next step, you’ll be prompted to choose the Ad Account under the Manager Ad account.

Click ‘Next’ and on next page, click ‘Connect’. You'll be able to access your Google Ads dashboard under Campaigns > [Google Ads Integration name].

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