For agencies or users who're managing stores for multiple clients, we've created groups (a.k.a sub-accounts) on Shoppr.

You can give access to your clients for a group account, they can add their stores and marketing channels with Shoppr.

As an Organisation admin, you'll always have visibility to all groups and their usage. Group Manager can also invite their team to the group.

For example, You run an agency called ACME Marketing. You've below 5 clients.

  1. Stark Industries

  2. Pied Piper

  3. Callister Inc.

  4. Monsters, Inc.

  5. Wayne Enterprise

Each Group/Sub-account will have a manager user who can add more users to that group, integrate shops and marketing channels. Users who are part of a group can only see shops and users of that group. Organization Admin/Manager can see users and shops across all groups.

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